Jill’s Story


Owner Jill Thorp’s passion for the food business began when, as a young girl, she delivered produce with her Grandma Vi to local Los Gatos restaurants. Her grandmother taught her to love the quality of fresh produce. “Taste this,” her grandmother would say, offering a freshly picked strawberry, an apple straight off the tree, a carrot still warm from the ground. “This is the best.”

Jill went on to study at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, Napa, and has been a culinary professional for over 20 years. Her travels took her to St. Croix where she was the Garde Manger Chef (in charge of all appetizers, salads & desserts) at the exclusive Villa Madeleine Resort. She worked for two years as private chef for the Baron Von Hilton, on his yacht, and as the personal chef for the founder of ASK computer. Her extensive wine knowledge led her to become the Sommelier at Le Mouton Noir in Saratoga, where she was also the Garde Manger Chef.

Jill started her catering business in 2007 when she decided there wasn’t anywhere in Los Gatos to get a really great salad. With the carb-free diet craze going on, she set out to be the first person to deliver fresh, innovative, house-made salads door-to-door. The idea quickly became popular, and soon there were Jillbee Delivers pedicabs delivering fresh salads all over Los Gatos, and Jillbee Delivers was off and running!