Nov 29 – Dec 3


salad bar salad GF   |   14.
protein option: grilled chicken breast GF   |   vegetarian option: gardein strips vegan
chopped romaine, sliced cucumbers, peas, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, blue cheese on side, classic vinaigrette

lemon-tamari chicken salad sandwich   |   14.
sourdough bread, green leaf lettuce, lemon chicken salad (chicken breast, soy sauce, lemon juice, canola oil, sesame oil, dry mustard, garlic, sugar, thyme, mayonnaise)

mexican platter GF reheatable   |   14.
chicken tamale | chile rellenos with red sauce vegetarian option
cilantro rice, spiced black beans, sour cream on side


classic cobb salad   |   14.
protein option: grilled chicken breast   |   vegetarian option: grilled tofu
shredded romaine, diced tomato, sliced avocado, sliced hard boiled egg, blue cheese on side, crispy bacon on side, classic vinaigrette

honey-balsamic salmon sandwich   |   14.
croissant, spring mix, honey-balsamic glazed salmon edamame spread (edamame, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, sour cream, salt)

hawaiian platter reheatable   |   14.
maui-style kalbi short ribs GF  |  roasted mirin-glazed yams vegan option
coconut rice, roasted sesame green beans


greek chopped salad   |   14.
protein option: julienned salami & turkey GF   |   vegetarian option: vegan
chopped romaine, diced cucumber, baby tomatoes, diced green bell pepper, chickpeas, pepperoncini, kalamata olives,
feta cheese on side, red wine-oregano vinaigrette

chicken & pesto sandwich   |   14.
ciabatta roll, green leaf lettuce, grilled chicken breast, fresh mozzarella slices, pesto spread, sun dried tomato aioli

winter platter reheatable   |   14.
roasted chicken thighs with dried fruit chutney over egg noodles | mushroom stroganoff over farro vegetarian option
roasted root vegetables


burrito bowl salad   |   14.
protein option: barbacoa beef GF   |   vegetarian option: chipotle tofu vegetarian
spring mix, brown rice, black beans, baby tomatoes avocado, red onions, cilantro sprig sour cream, chile-lime vinaigrette

chicken caesar wrap   |   14.
spinach tortilla, shredded romaine, caesar dressing, grilled chicken breast, parmesan cheese, coleslaw on side

southern platter reheatable   |   14.
carolina pulled pork with bbq sauce, biscuit, roasted vegetables, coleslaw on side,

vegan southern platter reheatable vegan   |   14.
hoppin’ john over rice, roasted vegetables, fruit salad on side


cranberry & candied walnut salad   |   14.
protein option: grilled chicken breast GF   |   vegetarian option: gardein strips vegan
sweet blend lettuce, diced cucumber, diced granny smith apple, dried cranberries, scallions, candied walnuts on side, creamy balsamic dressing

tri-tip sandwich with blue cheese   |   14.
dutch crunch roll, blue cheese spread, sweet blend lettuce, sliced tri-tip, sliced tomato, shaved red onion

buffalo wings platter reheatable   |   14.
buffalo chicken wings, wedge fries, crudites, ranch dressing

impossible sloppy joe platter vegan reheatable   |   14.
impossible sloppy joe, vegan bun, wedge fries, crudites