MAY 8-12


taco salad   |   14
protein option: chile-spiced tri-tip   |   vegetarian option: (vegetarian)
chopped romaine, black beans, pico de gallo, chopped red bell pepper, avocado, black olives,
shredded cheddar, tortilla strips on side, sour cream, chipotle dressing, arugula

prosciutto, turkey & brie sandwich   |   14
baguette, arugula, sliced prosciutto, sliced turkey, brie cheese, caramelized onions, dijon aioli


saffron couscous salad   |   14
protein option: grilled chicken breast   |   vegetarian option: roasted smoky chickpeas (vegan)
baby arugula, saffron couscous (saffron, israeli couscous, lemon juice, scallions, olive oil, lemon zest, olive oil, parsley),
roasted fresh white corn kernels, blanched chopped snap peas, blanched asparagus, lemon-dijon vinaigrette

honey-balsamic salmon sandwich   |   14
croissant, spring mix, goat cheese, honey-balsamic glazed salmon,
edamame spread (edamame, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, sour cream, salt)


luau salad (gf)   |   14
protein option: teriyaki-glazed prawns   |   vegetarian option: teriyaki tofu (vegan)
sweet blend lettuce, diced mango, diced cucumber, macadamia nuts, shredded carrots, passionfruit dressing

green goddess chicken sandwich   |   14
ciabatta, baby spinach, havarti cheese, grilled chicken breast, sliced avocado, green goddess spread


cowboy salad (gf)   |   14
protein option: grilled chile-spiced chicken breast   |   vegetarian option: (vegetarian)
sweet blend lettuce, shredded red cabbage, black beans, chile-corn salsa (roasted corn,
poblano chiles, diced tomatoes, red onion, jalapeno, lime, cilantro), creamy lime dressing

smoked turkey club sandwich   |   14
sourdough baguette, green leaf lettuce, smoked turkey breast, crispy bacon,
white cheddar cheese, sliced tomato, basil pesto aioli


classic cobb salad   |   14
protein option: grilled chicken breast   |   vegetarian option: grilled tofu (vegetarian)
shredded romaine, diced tomato, sliced avocado, chopped hard boiled egg, blue cheese crumbles, crispy bacon on side, classic vinaigrette

smoked beef brisket sandwich (reheatable)   |   14
baguette, smoked beef brisket, smoked mozzarella cheese, fried onion strings, bbq sauce on side

thai curry platter (reheatable)   |   14
green curry with chicken & vegetables   |   red curry with tofu & vegetables (vegan) option
jasmine rice, spicy lemongrass vegetables