June 14-18


thai peanut salad  |  14.
protein option: sauteed prawns GF  |  vegetarian option: teriyaki tofu vegan
shredded napa, cabbage shredded, green cabbage, shredded carrots,
diced red bell pepper, sugar snap peas, peanuts, cilantro, thai peanut dressing

chicken basil salad sandwich  |  14.
baguette, shredded romaine,
chicken basil salad (chicken, celery, basil, mayo, parmesan, diced red bell pepper)

bbq platter reheatable  |  14.
bbq ribs GF  |  soy strips with bbq sauce option vegan
mac & cheese, sauteed zucchini & yellow squash with herbs, bbq sauce on side


margarita salad  |  14.
protein option: grilled chicken breast GF  |  vegetarian option: gardein strips vegan
spring mix, dried cranberries, pepitas, cojita cheese on side, orange wedges, firecracker dressing

egg salad & crispy bacon sandwich  |  14.
whole wheat bread, green leaf lettuce,
egg salad (hard boiled eggs, mayo, celery, dijon, chives, s/p), crispy bacon

moroccan platter reheatable  |  14.
lamb tagine  |  eggplant & artichoke tagine option
vegan moroccan-style couscous, roasted carrots with golden raisins & meyer lemon


spinach salad GF  |  14.
protein option: grilled chicken  |  vegetarian option: roasted chickpeas vegan
spinach, baby tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, parmesan cheese on side,
walnuts on side, red wine vinaigrette

club sandwich  |  14.
sourdough bread, green leaf lettuce, sliced ham, sliced turkey, crispy bacon,
monterey jack cheese, mayo & mustard on side

bistro platter reheatable  |  14.
tri-tip with green peppercorn sauce  |  lentil walnut loaf option
noodles with olive oil & parsley, steamed broccoli


chopped salad  |  14.
protein option: grilled chicken breast GF  |  vegetarian option: gardein strips
chopped romaine, diced cucumbers, peas, baby tomatoes, garbanzo beans,
blue cheese on side, red wine vinaigrette

turkey & pepperjack sandwich  |  14.
sliced sourdough, green leaf lettuce, sliced turkey, pepperjack cheese, mayo & mustard on side

indian platter reheatable  |  14.
butter chicken  |  kadai paneer option
cilantro rice, aloo gobi, chana masala, raita on side


texas ranch salad GF  |  14.
protein option: grilled chicken breast  |  vegetarian option: black beans vegan
chopped romaine, cherry tomatoes, roasted corn, tortilla strips on side
shredded jack & cheddar on side, ranch dressing / red wine vinaigrette option

bbq tri-tip sandwich  |  14.
dutch crunch julian roll, green leaf lettuce, bbq tri-tip, sliced cheddar cheese,
roasted onions, bbq sauce on side

smoked chicken platter  reheatable  |  14.
smoked chicken thigh, potato salad on side, steamed broccoli, bbq sauce on side