JUNE 21-25


cape cod salad   14.
protein option: grilled chicken breast GF  vegetarian option: gardein strips vegan
sweet blend lettuce, diced green apples, dried cranberries, blue cheese crumbles on side,
white balsamic vinaigrette

grilled chicken & fresh mozzarella sandwich with pesto mayo   14.
ciabatta bread, green leaf lettuce, grilled chicken breast, sliced fresh mozzarella,
basil leaves, sun dried tomatoes, pesto mayo

classic meatloaf platter reheatable   14.
classic meatloaf, roasted new potatoes, steamed broccoli, ketchup packet on side

vegetarian pot pie platter reheatable   14.
vegetarian pot pie, steamed broccoli with, lemon zest & herbs



asian slaw salad GF    14.
protein option: grilled chicken breast | vegetarian option: teriyaki tofu vegan
shredded red cabbage, shredded napa cabbage, red quinoa, shredded carrots, sliced snap peas, julienned red bell pepper, scallions, asian dressing

turcado sandwich   14.
sliced sourdough bread, green leaf lettuce, cream cheese, sliced turkey, avocado,
sunflower seeds, sliced cucumber, sprouts

cuban platter GF reheatable   14.
pork shoulder with mojo sauce | caribbean spiced sweet potato curry option vegan/GF
cuban-style black beans & rice, roasted plantains, mango salsa on side


california roll salad GF   14.
protein option: grilled salmon  |  vegetarian option: teriyaki tofu vegan
sweet blend lettuce, sticky rice, shredded carrots, sliced cucumber, pickled ginger,
avocado, sesame seeds, cilantro, wasabi-soy dressing

reuben sandwich reheatable    14.
marble rye, sliced pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut on side, thousand island dressing on side

cashew-pesto bowl   14.
protein option: roasted chicken breast  |  vegetarian option: white beans vegan
baby spinach, israeli couscous with red wine vinaigrette, roasted mushrooms,
wilted kale, parsley-cashew pesto


cobb salad   14.
protein option: grilled chicken breast GF  |  vegetarian option: gardein strips vegan
chopped romaine, crispy bacon on side, diced cucumbers, baby tomatoes, avocado, scallions,
blue cheese dressing

roast beef & swiss on onion ciabatta   14.
onion ciabatta, green leaf lettuce, sliced roast beef, swiss cheese,
caramelized onions, mayo & A1 on side

thai platter GF reheatable   14.
thai basil chicken | thai red curry & eggplant tofu option vegan 
jasmine rice, sautéed vegetables, thai basil sprig


italian mixed salad GF   14.
protein option: grilled flank steak  |   vegetarian option: kidney beans vegan
shredded romaine, spinach, pepperoncini, baby tomatoes, black olives, julienned green peppers,
shredded jack cheese on side, italian vinaigrette

ham & gruyère on croissant   14.
croissant, green leaf lettuce, country ham, sliced gruyère cheese, spicy mustard on side

southern italian platter GF reheatable   14.
chicken thighs alla diavola  |  eggplant caponata vegetarian option
sicilian-style potato gratin, tri-color roasted cauliflower